What Is More Than Mindful?

Zen GardenCultivating and practicing mindfulness can affect your life quickly, positively and deeply. It’s a time-tested, scientifically proven, very helpful set of techniques.

But based on my own experience and on that of people I’ve spoken with and corresponded with, mindfulness is not the ultimate stage in life’s journey. As they say on the TV infomercials, “But wait, there’s more!”

Here’s the thing. Mindfulness, as it’s generally taught and practiced, is largely about the function of attention. In the first stages, we learn to manipulate the attention. Later, we move toward watching the attention without interfering.

This is great as far as it goes. But for me and for many others, it doesn’t go far enough. Why? Because it leaves you assuming that attention is really a thing, that you’re really a person who could be paying attention or not paying attention to something at any given moment.

My journey has caused me to question all those assumptions. I’ve found a greater sense of freedom when I don’t take them for granted. My purpose here is to share that freedom with you.

Steve DiamondNote from Steve:

My new mindfulness book, The Relaxation Solution, was published in June, 2022.

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