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New Guided Meditation Audios

I’ve posted two new guided meditation audios recently. Like all my guided meditation recordings, these are free to stream and free to download. Both of the new meditations are foundational mindfulness meditations. They’re suitable for beginning and advanced meditation practitioners. They can be used every day or alternated with timed meditations. (Click the links in…Continue Reading

New Resources

I’ve just published a new Class Resources page. There you’ll find items useful to anyone who practices mindfulness. In other words, it’s not just for students in my classes. I’m making it available to everyone. Free. No registration. No strings. Included are guided meditations (stream or download), formal and informal practice logs, and poetry. Look…Continue Reading

New Guided Meditation – Lovingkindness

I’ve released a new, free guided meditation audio. This is a lovingkindness meditation, also called metta meditation. Its purpose is to open the heart and to help cultivate compassion for all living beings. Sometimes we end sessions of mindfulness meditation with a lovingkindness meditation. I also recommend doing this metta meditation beforehand. Before a meditation…Continue Reading

Introducing Free Mindfulness Training

I’m happy to introduce my first free online training course, a five-part weekly email series called An Introduction to Mindfulness. In five easy lessons, you’ll learn the practical basics of mindfulness. You’ll begin practicing mindfulness meditation effectively within a few minutes after receiving the first lesson. There’s no cost and no obligation. You can unsubscribe…Continue Reading

Steve DiamondNote from Steve:

My new mindfulness book, The Relaxation Solution, was published in June, 2022.

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