New Guided Meditation Audios

I’ve posted two new guided meditation audios recently. Like all my guided meditation recordings, these are free to stream and free to download.

Both of the new meditations are foundational mindfulness meditations. They’re suitable for beginning and advanced meditation practitioners. They can be used every day or alternated with timed meditations. (Click the links in paragraphs below to go to the streaming page for each audio.)

The first is a Body Scan Meditation. I often start meditation class series with body scans, because they’re a great way to practice two key aspects of mindfulness: awareness of attention, and awareness of sensations in the body. My approach to the body scan meditation is to direct attention to each body area in sequence and to visualize each region coming alive and speaking. This is metaphorical, poetic language. Of course body parts are already alive, and they remain mute. But these visualizations help us to be more aware of our bodies as collections of sensations (which is the only way we truly know our bodies, by the way).

The second guided meditation is Resting the Attention on the Breath. This is the single most basic mindfulness meditation there is. Having learned through the body scan to tune into sensations in the body, we now take the sensations of breathing, which are always present, and invite our attention to rest there. It’s a gentle invitation, not a forced effort. We establish an intention of letting the attention rest on the breath, and we simply notice whenever it drifts away. In those mindful moments of noticing, we just invite it to rest once again.

I hope you make use of and enjoy these guided meditation audios, which are released under the Creative Commons “Attribution, No Derivatives” license, and I hope you find that they enhance your mindfulness practice.

Guided Meditations on Insight Timer App

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New Resources

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Mindfulness Class at Dusenberry-River Library

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New Guided Meditation – Lovingkindness

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Introducing Free Mindfulness Training

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